Fine Art



"I create art to have a direct, real and immediate contact with the beauty of nature".


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Scolari Studio is  a ‘mixed-media’ art studio in which the founding artist, Debra Scolari, creates collections inspired by both urban settings as well as patterns, colors and textures found in nature. Upon entering the studio, one can sense the artist’s attraction to found objects, vintage textiles, aged papers, and antique photographic images. . Debra has worked in the fine art market for over 20 years. Creative, resourceful, and original, the pieces she creates are developed with materials that are found on hand. Irrelevant as each original material may seem, when used in conjunction with the mastery of the artist’s hand, The result is an engaging piece of art. Debra's paintings are romantic, eclectic and modern bringing the past and present together in unexpected ways. She has collaborated  with interior designers, set decorators and art consultants throughout the United States for over 20 years and has an array of experience that gives one the sense that she not only loves art but lives it.  Whether she is designing and developing wall decor for commercial applications, developing collections or creating commissions, her art comes from an place of inspiration and joy.



Mixed Media on Canvas


"I enjoy working with the transparency and luminosity of color and the surprising way colors blend and play off each other. I look for gradations of color in all of nature, the sky, water, fire, and striations in the earth."